Feature Matrix

“...it's the designer's secret weapon!”

Compare the features found in ColorSchemer v3 and ColorSchemer Studio using the feature matrix below:

Feature v3 Studio
RGB & RYB color wheel modes Yes Yes
Store Unlimited Favorite Colors Yes Yes
Move colors around with Drag & Drop Yes Yes
Screen Color Picker to grab colors from anywhere Yes Yes
Easily copy colors in 3 web-friendly formats Yes Yes
Click a button to convert to nearest websafe match Yes Yes
Lighten/darken & saturate/desaturate tools Yes Yes
See color harmonies directly on the color wheel Yes Yes
Pick colors from a websafe or spectrum color palette Yes Yes
QuickPreview to test colors in a web page setting Yes Yes
Onscreen color history dropdown box Yes Yes
Keep app on top of all other programs Yes Yes
Round color wheel   Yes
RGB, Saturation & Lightness instant sliders   Yes
Suggested Colors tool to see suggested color schemes   Yes
Color Mixer to mix colors and create gradient blends   Yes
Color Scheme Analyzer to find the best color combos   Yes
Export wizard to export colors to many different formats   Yes
Randomize! button generates random color schemes   Yes
Name your Favorite Colors to remember them later   Yes
Control Saturation & Lightness adjustment amount   Yes
PhotoSchemer Tool   Yes
Print Color Schemes   Yes
Built-in Color Blindness Simulation   Yes
Import Wizard   Yes
ExportWizard   Yes
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