About the Gallery

About the ColorSchemer Gallery

The ColorSchemer Gallery is an online community where ColorSchemer users can share and manage color schemes created with ColorSchemer [PC or Mac].

The perfect complement to ColorSchemer Studio,

ColorSchemer Studio

Because sometimes finding the perfect color scheme involves more than the usual color theory.

Open any of the Gallery schemes directly in ColorSchemer, or create your own color scheme files to upload and share with the community.

Use the ColorSchemer Gallery to...

  • Browse for new color scheme ideas, and open them directly in ColorSchemer.
  • Search for schemes containing a particular color. Great for when a client gives you a color and you need a matching scheme in a hurry.
  • Create a FREE account to upload, manage and share your color schemes. Build your own color scheme database and show your schemes to clients or collegues to make deciding on a color scheme a breeze.
  • Add your favorite schemes in the Gallery to your personalized color scheme Favorites list.

What's a .cs file?

A .cs file is a color scheme file that has been created and saved by ColorSchemer. All of the color schemes in the Gallery can be downloaded to your computer as .cs files, or opened directly in ColorSchemer.

Whenever you see a color scheme you like, just click on the scheme's name and your browser should ask you what you want to do with the .cs file. "Open" it to load the color scheme directly in ColorSchemer, or "Save" it to save the .cs file to your computer.

You can then edit the scheme using any of the tools in ColorSchemer, export it to a number of other graphics and design programs using the Export Wizard in ColorSchemer Studio, and build your own collection of your favorite schemes for whenever you start a project needing inspiration.

How do I add my schemes to the Gallery?

Adding your own creations to the Gallery is quick and easy! All you need to build your own color scheme library is:

Just use ColorSchemer to create and save your color schemes, and then use the "Upload Schemes" section in your Gallery account to upload them to the Gallery.

You can also choose to keep any of your uploaded schemes private, and use the Gallery to manage your own personal color schemes database.