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Extended Colortheme for last CSU-Colortheme as used in final Wordpresstheme "Eisgruber-Rauscher" from FCR, where the Colors given from the PR Agency mvcc, marklkofen.
This Colors are based on the german political party "CSU Bavaria".This color palette is


  • 1 year agofreuter
    As used in a customized Wordpresstheme - get a look under here:
  • 1 year agofreuter
    This Color-Paket are made for 3 Base colors: Blue, Green and Yellow. Shown above in 3 parts: 1th the dark/contrast variant, followed by the base color, followed by an lighted Version for Background-Coloring. So, the first 9 fields are the Contrast-Base-Background Combinations, followed by Black, dark gray and white as Fontcolors.
    Let me know, where you will use it for ;-)
  • 1 year agofreuter
    And by the way: don't forget to vote your meaning about this combination - maybe favor it and on top of that: comment it ;-)

    Enjoy it and all the best from Germany ;-)

    Oh - and do not forget: these basic colors are used here in Germany from a democratic party! It's called Bavaria CSU (Christian Social Union) and sanistations is a conservative, Christian Social orientation and established itself as the largest party in the state of Bavaria (and thus as Bavarian branch of the CDU). Don't use used this color combination, if you can't live with such an conceivable Association ;-)
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