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Intro & Terms
 1. Intro and Terms
 2. The Color Wheel
 3. Color Harmonies & the Color Schemer
 4. Further Information
Welcome to the Color Schemer quick color tutorial! This tutorial is intended to help you understand a little bit more about color, and should help you to liven up your own work. It is designed as an accompaniment for the Color Schemer software.

Before we get started, it is important that some basic terms are understood, as they will be referred to later in the tutorial sections.
  • Color Wheel - A circular chart of colors from which many color relationships can be derived.
  • Hue - A term referring to a certain color in the spectrum. Red, Blue, & Green are all different hues.
  • Saturation - A measure of the presence or absence of grey found in a hue. Essentially, how close a color is to grey.
  • RGB - The primary colors Red, Green, & Blue that are mixed in different ratios to form the colors we see on our monitors.
  • HEX - A representation of RGB colors on the internet in the format RRGGBB.
  • Harmony - A visually appealing set of colors that "agree" with each other.

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