ColorSchemer v3

“My compliments on one of the best design tools out there.”

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ColorSchemer v3 screenshot

ColorSchemer v3 is a quick and easy-to-use tool that will help you to create matching color schemes at the click of a button!

ColorSchemer v3 features many built-in tools including multiple color-matching modes to find the best matching colors, the ability to view harmonies right on the color wheel, and a mini QuickPreview to test colors in a web page setting!

ColorSchemer Studio Screenshots

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ColorSchemer v3 Main Window

Main Application Window

This is where all of the color-matching magic happens! Set the base color you want to build your scheme around, fine-tune it, play with the matching colors and away you go!

ColorSchemer v3 Favorites Window

Favorite Colors Window

Drag all of the colors that you want to use in your color scheme or save for later use to this window.

QuickPreview Window

QuickPreview Window

Drag and drop colors onto the elements in the QuickPreview to test color combinations in a web page setting.

Take the Feature Tour

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