Free Backlink Checker

Analyze your website's backlink profile using the Free Backlink Checker. You can see the top backlinks pointing to a specific domain.

What is Backlink Checker?

As search engine optimization algorithms increase in complexity, backlinks influentially contribute to the strength and authority of the website. Backlink Checker is a trailblazing backlink checking tool developed by our experts that allows you to keep a track of your backlinks including those that might be broken or lost. It’s a known fact that backlinks actively engage in the number of domains that link to your website, which in turn is a core factor of ranking in Google algorithms.

But, how do you keep a track of the backlinks without an effective and powerful tool to help you analyze and monitor them? You can't, right?

That’s why we developed the Backlink Checker tool that greatly aids your off-site SEO and is also a ubiquitous arsenal to growing your website and ranking it higher on Google.

Backlink Checker is absolutely free of cost since we understand how important backlinks are to boost your website and vouch web traffic to make sales and funding.

Now,a lot of you must be wondering, what is the use of a Backlink Checker or backlinks in the first place?

Here’s your answer: Almost every aspect of your website directly or indirectly affects its SEO. Now, backlinks or inbound links are those links that associate to another website but are backed to your website.

This means that your backlink’s website portfolio not only affects its SEO but also analyzes how faster and higher you can rank on Google. Therefore, a powerful yet a UI friendly tool like our Backlink Checker is the key facet to monitoring your backlinks.

With our Backlink Checker, you also understand if your website is worth surfacing on a SERP. Thus, in all brevity our Backlink Checker helps earning valuable backlinks that can have a positive effect on a site's ranking position and proliferate your site’s search rankings manifold.

Backlink Checker assists you in understanding the number of links from Class-C IP’s, number of linking pages, links from competitors, quality of linking content including myriad other insights without you having to switch back and forth between multiple tools.

Features of Backlink Checker:

Our Backlink Checker scans all links that point to your domain with indispensable quality to perform link audits. Other than that (and a lot more) it helps you discover everything about your and your competitor’s backlinks.

Our power-packed, highly reliable Backlink Checker has a massive database to provide you with the most precise and accurate information. It has several features that give it an edge over the its competitors such as:

  • Researching Competitior’s backlinks - The links from domains allocated in the same SERP as yours’ makes your site important to Google. Backlink Checker is valuable when understanding the ranking for certain keywords than less relevant sites. With Backlink Checker, you can keep a track of your competitor’s link profile and see how and where they are earning quality links.

  • Link Prospecting - With the link prospecting feature on Backlink Checker, you can draw an inference why your page or site is ranked the way it is by Google. Additionally, it shows your backlinks from sites related to your specific spectrum, positively impacting your ranking. In addition to that, Backlink Checker also shows you the location of the link which visibly impacts the overall site.

  • Finding and Fixing Broken links - Draw in web traffic without any disruption or impediments like broken links. Backlink Checker scans through a colossal number of backlinks to find and fix broken links that helps you in maintaining link equity.

  • Analyzing Anchor Text - With the complete anchor text data and regular updation, you see which sites are linking to you and why. Anchor text helps Google to understand what your website's about, ultimately improving the search links for target topics.

  • Researching Top-Performing Content - By analyzing the number of backlinks to one particular content on your website, it shows you the best performing content in your domain. This being said, Backlink Checker also throws in a little gift of being able to check your competitor’s top content and understanding why they earned the links.

  • Shows lost or new links - Backlink Checker monitors when and what links were lost as backlinks to your website. Also, it gives you an insight to when your website is gaining backlinks, especially the valuable ones.

  • Checks Domain Authority - Backlink Checker is instrumental in audits for prospective clients with its domain authority feature. It checks the DA, PA, spammed links, Spam Score and complete external and internal link counts.

How to Use Backlink Checker?

Before coming to how to use this UI friendly tool, let’s understand how it works to bring you the most accurate information, scanning through countless sites and domains that can potentially link to you.

Backlink Checker crawls every single page of any website using a list of white IP addresses. Next, it saves the crawled data in servers by coding the inbound links and outbound links or backlinks. Next it runs a deep filtering of the niches, website category, anchor texts, lost or new links amongst others, under the inbound and outbound links to provide you with your banklink portfolio within a span of seconds.

The free backlink generator and analyzer gives you access to every backlink view to help you strategically build a robust Link Building Strategy. To use the Backlink Checker Tool go through the following instructions:

  • Copy the URL of the website, you want the backlinks for.
  • Paste the URL on the Backlink Checker in the empty space provided as the Search Box.
  • Press Enter or hit the Check for Links icon under the search box.
  • Wait while it crawls every website or webpage on the Internet to check for Backlinks.
  • In just a few seconds, you’re provided with the links and other vital information in colour coded form to enhance readability and intuitive visual flow.

Our Backlink Checker is one of the simplest yet robust tools to check backlinks, anchor text and whatnot without consuming a pinnacle of data. Backlink Checker is smooth, fast and highly accurate to help your audits and growth.

The Backlink Checker promotes your webpage or business to a higher rank with you getting a proper insight to how backlinks work and is absolutely free.

Final Words

There are a lot of websites struggling in drawing traffic from visitors no matter how good their products are which later and eventually affects the sales. Internet Traffic is a key element for the growth of any business online and backlinks not only help you boost your growth with organic traffic, but they also help you analyze the important keywords and keep a track of your competitor’s backlinks.

All of this is possible with the revolutionary robust Backlink Checker that provides only the essential numbers and tracks real progress to help your business get organic traffic. With the super easy interface and accessibility, combined with the ease of use, Backlink Checker helps boost your site search ranking with its excellent adaptation to SEO.

If you want to boost your growth and get your website recognised faster with a proper understanding of backlinks, Backlink Checker is just the tool for you.