BIN Generator

BIN Generator is an application to generate valid credit card numbers from a given BIN number after giving the Bank Identification Number (BIN) input.

What is BIN Generator?

BIN Generator is an application to generate unique credit card numbers from a given BIN number after you have given the Bank Identification Number (BIN) input in the text box.

The Bank Identification Number Generator is abbreviated as BIN Generator; a free tool managed to compare a BIN number with an exclusive database and plenty of card check definitions

BIN number is the initial first four to six numbers, which you can find on a debit or credit card. In other words, the BIN Generator is the key to match the issuer of the credit card to the transaction. You might have often seen such numbers in credit, debit electronic, and gift cards.

The BIN number is also known by the Issuer Identification Number (abbreviated as IIN). You can also get an idea about the card's level from the BIN number, whether it is a black, business, or premium card. It also allows you to know about the card type: debit, credit, gift, or prepaid card.

Features of BIN Generator:

BIN Generator has several essential features. Before you choose any BIN Generator, you should be well versed with the necessary features it should have.

  • Helps to generate unlimited cards - BIN Generator helps you generate an arbitrary limit of various cards such as credit and debit.

  • Generate valid card numbers - You can create valid card numbers of different cards like credit and debit cards with a Bank Identification Number (BIN) Generator.

  • Includes credit card validator - Our BIN Generator contains credit card number validator of different sorts of cards.

  • Luhn Algorithm checker - Our tool includes the Luhn Algorithm Checker.

  • Generates card expiration date - BIN Generator helps create many random expiration dates for credit and debit cards.

  • Generates CVV code - BIN Generator helps you generate a three-digit security code known as CVV.

  • Used for data testing - It is used for e-commerce and data testing verifications.

  • Free to use - It allows you to generate many cards such as credit card and debit card numbers without any charge.

How to use the BIN Generator?

Before using the tool, you need to get accustomed to the process of using our BIN Generator. The steps of using it are done by using the following process:

  • Paste the BIN - You have to paste the BIN number in the BIN box and then generate cards by clicking on any Generate button.

  • Select the Issuer - Select the card issuer from the drop-down navigation and click on the Generate button to generate the card details.

  • Selection of Date - You can either leave it Random or select the Month and Year, which you want to generate with the card details.

  • Enter CVV - You can enter CVV (3 digit security code of the card) or leave it blank to generate random CVV numbers.

  • Card Quantity - Select the card quantity to generate details as per the selected number of cards.

Final Words:

The checking process ensures to check the BIN number from the huge database. If the BIN you have provided is valid, our BIN Generator would go through the Luhn Algorithm and generate a credit card group based on your provided BIN.

The generated BIN credit cards would rearrange itself into different views such as PIPE, CSV, JSON, XML, and SQL. You can create many cards such as debit cards and free credit cards from a BIN Generator. You are also allowed to create your own unique pattern (BIN code) with the assistance of our BIN Generator.

The BIN Generator includes the Luhn Algorithm, and it uses the MOD 10 Formula. Our tool is widely used for the testing and verification of data.

Additionally, it helps you to create a bulk of credit and debit cards. It would be best if you chose our BIN Generator that is deemed fit for your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What is a BIN Number?

- Bank Identification Number, known as BIN, is the initial set of four or six numbers on different sorts of payment cards like credit cards and debit cards.

2. Does the BIN Generator assists you in creating CVV code?

- Yes, the BIN Generator helps you to create a CVV code.

3. What Algorithm does the BIN Generator use for generating different types of cards?

- BIN Generator uses the Luhn Algorithm for generating different types of cards. The Luhn Algorithm lets you check the different types of card numbers like credit card and debit card via a control key known as a checksum, which detects a misspelled or badly written character.