Broken Link Checker

Analyze which links on your website are broken and which backlinks need a fix with our tool with Backlink Checker. It's free to use and powerful.

What is Broken Link Checker?

What can be a greater issue than not being able to convey your mind to your audience?

If you are a novice in the arena of webpage or blog page designing, you might have faced hardships related to Error 404. On a web page, multiple links are often provided as a reference to consolidate your content with suitable images, other media attachments, and redirects. In case any of those links are not functioning properly, you will be redirected to the next page, which will likely display an error 404.

This only leads to exasperation amongst the web page surfers causing them havoc, irritability, and annoyance. Hence, to maintain a streamline flow of traffic to your web page, you have to check the serviceability of all the links beforehand. Dead links can catalyze the process and create a permanent apathy towards your web page, thereby bringing down the traffic to your web page.

Broken Link Checker helps you find the broken links on your website, minimizing the nodes' dead ends. Most importantly, it guides you to create a fully functional and smooth, engaging website attributed to all the hyperlinks and other attachments you want to portray to your audience.

For the proper functioning and maintenance of your web page, it becomes indispensable for an active web page developer to use such modern tools and make the best of this age's technology. So, you should definitely check out the cool features that this tool provides you with. Here is the list below:

Features of Broken Link Checker:

It scans your site, recognizes the broken links, and gives you a timely result. This makes your labor effortless by consuming less time. Internal links, along with external links, are scanned, which let you make changes accordingly. It serves the purpose of checking and concisely discovering broken links.

The various features which a Broken Link Checker caters are as mentioned below:

  • Non-functional links - Broken Link Checker detects non-functional links, missing images, and other media attachments and other redirects.

  • Regulating Traffic Flow - Broken Link Checker prevents search engines from redirecting to some broken links, thereby regulating traffic flow to your web page.

  • Page Not Found - Frequently known as the "Error 404" this is basically shown when a requested webpage is unavailable on the specified domain. In case you already have the list of erroneous pages, you can fix them beforehand.

  • Time out error - The server used for the specified web page might fail to produce the desired time result. This tool lets you know the same beforehand to fix the time out error in such a situation.

  • Server error - Popularly known as "Error 500". There might be, at times, an error in fetching the webpage correctly by the server. This tool intervenes in such cases and displays server errors easily and efficiently.

  • Redirection error - "Error 301" and "Error 302" might cause a redirection to an invalid web page. In such a case, this tool comes handy and gives the list of all invalid redirects, therefore lessening web page surfers' chances to reach a dead end.

  • Unknown Error - The Broken Link Checkers display some other unknown conditions that might cut off the web page's visibility.

  • Display of Functional Links - Apart from the non-functional or dead links, it also displays a complete list of all the functional and fixed links in a dashboard.

  • Fixation from plugin's page - Instead of manually updating each post, you can fix the broken links from the plugin's page itself. This feature helps in saving your time and effort simultaneously.

Now you can leave the age-old method of handpicking all the individual links and checking their accessibility on your own. You just have to use this super easy tool, and with a click of a button, it will show all the broken links and ends of your webpage and help you cluster, classify and fix them properly and methodically.

Broken Link Checker lets you find out the broken links in your web page or website as a whole and caters to the various needs for designing an elegant web page that can hook a large pool of audience.

How to Use Broken Link Checker?

Using Broken Link Checker has never been so easy. With a click of a button, you can get a complete list of all the damages or inaccessible links on your web page or website as a whole.

Follow the below-mentioned steps to have a clear idea:

  • Proper and complete URL - First and foremost, you must be having the exact URL of your web page or the website whose maintenance check is to be performed.

  • Copy-Paste the URL -Then you need to copy-paste the URL of the web page or website to the Broken Link Checker.

  • Code Scanning - The Broken Link Checker automatically checks the entire web page or the website and gives you the report of the hyperlinks' functionality and other redirects used.

Likewise, you can get a complete array of all the broken links and fix them at your own ease.

Final Words

One of the most annoying things of this 21st-century netizens is to come across a broken link. A recent statistical study has shown that 40% of the internet surfers deviate from a particular web page just because they get vexed by an array of broken links and "Error 404" messages. It decreases the traffic to your webpage. Moreover, it creates a permanent wrong impression on your webpage. A broken link can certainly branch off huge traffic to some other node or website.

Therefore a broken link can only cause irritation and impatience. A broken link is an opportunity lost. Hence, as a web page designer or web site manager, you should put in some serious effort to fix the broken links. However, manually handpicking the broken links is cumbersome, let alone fixing them. This is exactly where Broken Link Checker comes to your rescue.

Broken Link Checker automatically finds the broken end of the links, thereby making it much easier for you to fix them. This tool proves itself extremely handy if you want to maintain smooth traffic to your webpage.

Most importantly, if you're a blogger and want to paint your mind appropriately in the canvas of digital media, you have no option other than sorting to relevant media graphics, images, videos, and other relevant redirects.

Even if you are into a business or digital marketing, it becomes indispensable for you to provide monetized links that are functional. Therefore to create a long-lasting and permanent mark in the digital industry, you must definitely try out the Broken Link Checker.