Domain Authority Checker

Strengthen your domain and enhance your SEO strategy with the Domain Authority Checker. Just enter a domain and info on top SEO metrics with Domain Authority.

What is Domain Authority Checker?

Websites are the major determinants of authenticity and professionalism. The success of a domain is the maximum use of the website and its ability to pull people. But how is it possible to know or decide if the website is successful or not?

Domain Authority (DA) is a score or ranking provided to a website based on its online presence, links, and Search Engine Optimisation. The DA has a logarithmic scale between 1 and 100 to score the websites. Moz developed DA.

Domain Authority Checker (DA Checker) is an essential technique to calculate the DA score. You can constantly check the performance of your website. DA Checker displays the DA score and the page authority, number of backlinks, and the ranking of keywords.

Page authority is the score given to that particular webpage and does not consider the links or sub-domains. This is majorly determined by the UI/UX tools used to develop the website, the user-friendly features, and the quality of the content.

Domain Authority Checker can be an eye-opener and constant motivator for developing websites.

It has multitudes of advantages to improve our online reach, and the information can be used for consistent growth. Some of the advantages include:

  • It can be used as a tool to compare your position with that of your potential competitors. The ranking would look at as a numerical quality assessment.
  • The extend of marketing and advertising is done can be determined from the score.
  • The score can be used to perform an SEO analysis and correct certain qualities like domain name and branding.
  • Determining the prospects of growth be achieved.

Features of Domain Authority Checker:

  • Numerical scoring - The algorithm designed by Moz standardizes the DA scoring from a range of 1-100. The score will be high if the websites are linked to TLDs (Top-Level Domains). If the DA Checker showcases scores above 40, then the website is considered average, and scores above 60 are excellent. The DA score displayed by the DA Checker is unbiased and changes according to the website's growth or downfall. There are about 100 factors that are considered to arrive at a DA score, according to Moz. The tool runs a background check with the Moz algorithm and displays the score.

  • Some of the factors considered are:

    • The number of links the website has with other domains and pages called backlinks
    • The quality of those back backlinks.
    • The amount of content on the site and the number of users.
    • The age and the consistency of the domain concerning search engines
    • The use of the website by the number of inbound people and the active presence daily.
    • The page authority based on web designing and creative content
    • The overall speed of the website
    • The number of links with popular domains that already have a high DA score.
    • The SEO ranking of the website in a search engine result page (SERP)
  • Backlinks - Backlinks are the connection of webpages with other pages. The DA Checker also displays the number of backlinks. This would determine the support and popularity of the domain in the field. After a webpage is created, it should network and connect with other TLD (Top Level Domain). TLDs are the most sought after domain names, like .coms, .org, etc. They already have an ample amount of traffic. Establishing links with these domains would increase backlinks.

  • Page authority - User Interface (UI) and User experience design (UX) software have advanced tools to make a webpage efficient. This determines the page traffic. Our tool displays the ranking for page authority also similarly. The influence of the web design alone can be separately known from this. This value also ranges from 1-100.

  • Regular up-gradation - The websites have content that might change daily or over some time. The quality of this changing content and the amount of marketing over time will increase the traffic, which will influence the DA score. The Da Checker has been designed in such a way as to display the upgradation. This tool is made to align itself with the changes in the central Moz DA.

  • Checking of any website - The DA Checker has no restriction, and it can be used freely to check any website. Through this, you can analyze the scores of other popular domains. Our competitors' ranking can also be determined easily, and you can strive to maintain the score accordingly.

  • Availability and mobile-optimized - It is available by just visiting the website. The tool is free to use and is not time-consuming at all. The software is also optimized for mobile, and it can be used anywhere and at any time with minimum data consumption.

How to Use Domain Authority Checker?

The DA Checker can be used easily as it is easily accessible and available for free use. The scoring for a domain, along with many other details, are provided.

With these simple steps, Domain Authority Checker can be used:

  • Open the DA Checker and look for a text box that allows you to enter or paste the URL of a website.
  • After the URL is entered, click the Check button for the interface to run a scan.
  • Within seconds, the interface runs a check and displays the score, number of backlinks, IP address, etc. are displayed
  • Any number of checks can be done after re-typing the URL in the text box.

A website's status and online presence are immediately obtained, which will help website owners better their links and increase web traffic. And as the traffic increases, the DA score also improves.

Final Words:

Receiving a DA score can be considered the mark we get for the amount of work done in marketing, web designing, and SEO. Right from the domain name to the professionalism of the website would influence the DA score.

The key factor for improving DA is to network with other websites. The online links created with other sites are considered as bonus points that increase your DA. Better the inter-connectivity, the higher will be the DA.

The quality of the content has a high potential to attract web traffic. The graphics, the layout, the text, and the flow in the website determine the number of users. Therefore, it is also important to ensure teamwork to win this unspoken competition.