Font Generator

Font Generator is mainly used to convert an outline font of a diversified range of formats into either an SVG, Bitmap, or Web-Safe font.

What is Font Generator?

Font Generator is a kind of computer software, which is mainly used to convert an outline font of a diversified range of formats into either an SVG, bitmap, or Web-safe font, which uses the "@font-face" rule of the CSS3 specification.

The bitmap is a dot pattern essential for distinct font sizes and is generally stored on disk before use. The font generation process is not linear; it effortlessly expands the letter to any of your desired size.

The Generator mainly creates a font for use on various websites, other presentation media, etc. Many Font Generators have started the process of creating "Web-safe fonts" that can be used with the rules of the @font-face and are usually ready to be manipulated by CSS as well as SVG and bitmap options.

The Web Designers use a font generator to create exclusive fonts on the websites they make. During the past days of CSS1 or HTML1 and HTML2, it wasn't easy to create unique fonts because the technology was actually not present at that time.

The developers needed to use system default fonts to make sure that everyone could see the same fonts. Suppose the developers had used exclusive fonts and the user did not have the particular font installed, it will result in system default. To overcome this sort of difficulty, developers have started using an SVG or bitmap font created by Font Generators to confirm that there is no dependence on system default fonts.

Features of Font Generator:

The introduction of the @font face rule, with new specifications for CSS3, permits the website to use customized fonts stored in a server by specifying a name and a URL, which signifies that now website develops are not restricted to the user's default system fonts in the Operating System and can create, define their own exclusive fonts. Among the other useful features, the ones worth mentioning are-

  • Easy to Operate - Our tool is very user friendly and easy to use in nature.

  • Create Fonts in a few clicks - Creating a font is no more a difficult job. Now you can create fonts with a few clicks assisted by our Font Generator.

  • Select Text Styles according to your Choice - You can now choose your desired text style from a plethora of available options from the tool.

  • Choose the Themes you like - You can select several themes you like with the Font Generators' assistance.

  • Customize Texts as per your Choice - You can now customize your texts the way you desire it to be with Font Generators' help.

  • Text is free to use - The text created from the tool is 100% free to use.

  • Works on any device - The tool generally work on any electronic device with a web browser, including android phone, iPhone, iPad, and other devices.

  • Supports other Languages - You can use any language like Japanese, Chinese, Hindi, English, Arabic, etc. on the font generators.

  • Creating and Sharing - Creating and sharing texts in various fonts are made very simple for you by the font generators.

  • Ideal for Beginners - With our Font Generators' help, you don't have to be an expert in complex web design topics, vectors, or photoshops as it is ideal for people having little or no knowledge about creating fonts on their own.

  • Choose from the given Variations - Many pre-designed variations are made available on the Font Generator from which you can select the one you like.

  • Perfect for making customizing artwork - The tool is a perfect choice for creating customized artwork for flyers, banners, buttons, and many more items.

  • Select your Desired Size - The tool allow you to adjust the text size as you desire it.

  • Add Gradient Effect - You can now act several gradient effects to your text with font generators' help.

  • Try out making Logos - Font Generator serve as the ultimate choice for making outstanding logos from a large section of templates available there.

  • Select from Several Categories and Styles - Now you can choose the desired category and style for your text from the Font Generator.

  • Use of Text Effects - Our tool allow you to use several text effects and include symbols, special characters, and other language generators.

How to Use Font Generator?

As we have already discussed with you about Font Generators' utility, now you should know how to use it. The Generator serves as a very user-friendly tool to use. You don't have to be an expert or prior understanding of the procedure for using this tool. All you need to do is to follow the steps mentioned below in a strict manner.

  • Click on the tool given above.

  • Tap on Generate Fonts

  • Wait for the process to end.

  • It is done now.

Final Words:

It was not easy to create exclusive fonts in earlier days because of the feeble power of technology. Due to the gradual improvement of technology, developers do use an SVG or bitmap Font Generator to create exclusive font design for the viewers of the webpage. Our Font Generator is user friendly and ideal for beginners. You can customize the fonts as per your need in a variety of languages.


1. What is Font Generator?

- Font Generator is a tool that converts an outline font into either an SVG, bitmap, or Web-safe font that uses the "@font-face" rule of the CSS3 specification.

2. How to download the Font Generator?

- You can scroll up and use the method mentioned above.

3. What are the different font styles available?

- There are myriads of font style available in the Font Generator. You can choose any of the fonts from the available options as it is absolutely free of cost.

4. How many languages are supported by the Font Generator?

- You can select from a wide variety of languages. This makes it really easy for you in case you are not an indigenous English speaker. Moreover, the comfort of your mother tongue helps you greatly use the tool in an efficient way.

5. Is the tool safe to use?

- Yes, the tool is 100% reliable and safe to use.