Htaccess Redirect Generator

Make SEO friendly.htaccess redirects easily and efficiently with the Htaccess Redirect Generator. Generate. Htaccess redirects for free with the innovative tool.

Enter the URL of your old page to be redirected, for example: /my-old-url-blog and your new page to redirect to, for example: /my-new-url-blog/

Obtain the htaccess rule to redirect from your domain non-www version to the www one, just add your domain name without the “www” in this field (for example, example.com):

Obtain the htaccess rule to redirect from your domain www version to the non-www one, just add your domain name with the “www” in this field (for example, www.example.com):

What type of redirect do you want to generate? From http to https (for example, from: http://www.example.com/category-a/ to https://www.example.com/category-a/) or viceversa? Select the option here and just copy to your htaccess:

Add the full address of the new domain where you want to redirect the one where you’ll place the htaccess at.

Add the full URL of the page to be redirected to its parent directory, for example: https://www.example.com/category-a/index.html (that will be redirected to its parent directory, which in this case is: https://www.example.com/category-a/)

What type of redirect do you want to generate? From non-slash to slash (for example, from https://www.example.com/category to https://www.example.com/category/) or viceversa? Select the option here and just copy to your htaccess:

Enter the full URL that you want to use for your personalized 404 page, for example: https://www.example.com/my404page.html

Enter the IP address (for example: that you want to block access to your site.

Choose which are the file types that you want to redirect to its file names without adding the extension, for example, if you choose: “html”, then every html file on your domain will be redirected to its file name without adding the extension: https://www.example.com/page.html to https://www.example.com/page

In this case there's no input needed: Here you have the rules to 301-redirect from your Uppercase to Lowercase URLs

Add in the field the full URL of the directory (for example: https://www.example.com/blog/) where you want to redirect from a subdomain (for example: http://blog.example.com/). You'll then need to copy the generated rules into the .htaccess file of the subdomain that you want to be redirected.

What is Htaccess Redirect Generator?

Htaccess Redirects Generator refers to applying changes in the URL, site migrations, and the configuration of a site's authorized URL type. These are carried out without getting rid of your previous non-authorized URL traffic and rankings by pointing out to your users and search engine bots about the latest or authorized URL versions through secure redirects. It allows one to modify the configuration module.

The Htaccess Redirect Generator accelerates the most popular web redirects structure by initiating the required rewrite code, which will then be pasted in your file. Therefore, you can choose the appropriate redirect structure and acquire a customized redirect code based on your input.

This tool carries out the most common and puzzling redirects in htaccess by using an effortless interface. In this way, users will instinctively be redirected to the new domain without notifying them. All affiliated information will be shifted to the new domain, and other internal data used to place the position of pages in search engines.

You need the Htaccess Redirect Generatoras it affects the server's load, the speed of sites, and the ability to analyze and access content on a page, user experience, and anything that can disintegrate a website. It is used to redirect one domain to another and is simple to use.

It should be noted that your website should be running with htaccess on an Apache server for the redirects to function. You will be surprised to know that the Htaccess Redirect Generator can generate a receptive redirect in htaccess file. It is the most compelling method for redirecting visitors. The tool is used to grant access or block search engine robots to a site's records as it becomes crucial to the rules laid down for search engines.

Features of Htaccess Redirect Generator:

The features of this tool will make you sign up for it right away. It is light, efficient, and promising.

  • Dependable - If you want to implement authentic, distinctive, interest-based adaptable content preferred by the search engines, this tool is the right one for you. You can depend on it to fix some general SEO complications, including identical content, index, etc.

  • Numerous practices - The Htaccess Redirect Generator can be used for numerous factors, including generating code, creating cache tiles, site densification, and file caching.

  • No room for inaccuracies - It is used for search engine optimization. To generate the rules can be usually susceptible and exasperating to be carried out manually, so the Htaccess Redirect Generator tool will leave no room for inaccuracies. It will create rules for you.

  • Manage directories or domains - The tool allows you to connect with Apache and manages directories or domains on your server. This is done based on domain-with-domain and directory-with-directory.

  • Boosting organic traffic - By focusing on the quantitative and qualitative content, you can boost organic traffic through the Htaccess Redirect Generator since you need higher rankings for your site to flourish.

  • Fixes broken redirects - Broken redirects are harmful as it results in having no visitors or no access to final URLs, which will impact your website. These errors can be fixed by the Htaccess Redirect Generator.

How to Use Htaccess Redirect Generator?

If you redirect an old domain to a new one, the matter should be notified to the webserver to be directed to a different location. Htaccess Redirect Generator clarifies the confusion of directing the old domain to the new one and is an easy tool to utilize.

This tool has several purposes encompassing redirects, protecting passwords, improving the configuration, allowing and blocking functionality, and denying access to fake visitors.

You must now be eager to know about the uses of Htaccess Redirect Generator, having read about its many functions.

Follow these steps to use the tool for your site

  • First, enter the old page to a new one by selecting the redirect type.
  • The domain name should be entered.
  • Then click on the 'Generate' button.
  • Now, copy the code outcome in the .htaccess file.
  • Refresh your web page to start.

If you want to redirect an entire site, you must position your Htaccess in the significant web catalog for your site. It is also quite usual for search engines to be presented with two versions of a website if you happen to use the Htaccess file inaccurately and may lead to duplicate content problems. So, for your site to progress in a distinctive way, you need to enable the Htaccess Redirect Generator.

Htaccess Direct Generator is the most powerful tool which can be used to redirect any domain from www to non-www and is used to refine the configuration of the Apache Web Server software to either enable or disable further services as well as traits that it has to provide.

Final Words:

Htaccess Redirect Generator is a convenient and prime tool for webmasters to manage their websites.

The modifications formulated in the file will have an immediate effect on the website and is useful for handling errors.

The visitors may be aggravated if and when the page shows 401, 404 Error Messages. Hence, it comes through as a massive aid for the webmasters to be able to redirect visitors to the same or contrary website. The Htaccess Redirect Tool helps in redirecting a visitor from one page to the other at ease.

This tool is committed enough in providing the interest base, adaptability, and dependability of the user. You will only have your site enhanced to a greater extent, and your site will look more professional than ever—no need to worry about duplicate content or unwanted errors on your site.

What are you waiting for? Get yours now and share it.