Keyword Rank Checker

Know where a keyword ranks and how much competition it has with the Keyword Rank Checker. With the intensity level displayed on the tool, understand how visible it is, too.

What is Keyword Rank Checker?

Keywords are the words, phrases, ideas, and topics that best define the contents of your page. It is what you would like to rank for on your webpage. When people perform a search for that particular keyword in their search engine, then they should land up on that page on your website. It is important to track how powerful or weak your keywords are to identify good performing keywords and curate content accordingly.

Keyword Rank Checker is nothing but a tool that will track your website's position or URL in the search engine for a particular keyword. This is in comparison with other websites that compete for the same keyword.

Any organization that does SEO will have to keep tabs on its site ranks for targeted keywords. This will help you gain insight into how robust your SEO campaign activities are, and you can tailor further content accordingly. You can also keep track of your competitor’s ranking to know where they stand and their level of SEO activity.

Features of Keyword Rank Checker:

Our Keyword Rank Checker is one of the fastest and one of the most accurate keyword rank trackers that is available.

  • Organic Keyword Tracking - This feature gives you more accurate results. Better tracking basically translates to improved results for your business and that of your clients as well.

  • Precision - It is developed after testing many other rank trackers to optimize the most accurate results for you. It is updated automatically 24 hours after the latest refresh. Pinpoint accuracy is what the tool provides.

  • Support - We are here to support you with any query/issues when you use this tool. To make the most out of this tool for your business, we can take you through the step-by-step tool usage. We have chat functionality where you can get your queries answered and give us your invaluable suggestions and feedback.

  • Instant Refresh - You can keep checking your keyword rankings one after the other without compromising on time or quality of search results by instant refreshing once you have obtained results.

  • Monitor your SEO progress - With the tool, you can monitor the rankings, whether it has fallen flat or improved, and thereby measure your SEO activities and campaigns' progress. What is measured can be tailored and improved. SEO metrics like visibility, traffic, position, average position(across all tracked keywords), SERP features can be obtained for your keywords.

  • Track Rankings for any Location - The tool will track the keyword rankings for any location you choose for. Be it any city, state, country, and it will track the rankings. Even tracking for a postal code or even a particular address is possible! You can then align your SEO activities and efforts for the areas that you are targeting.

  • Rankings for both mobile and desktop - With mobiles dominating desktop, you have to track both devices. With your tool, you can check ranking for both mobile and desktop very easily. All you have to do is input those keywords you want to check and click on the ‘mobile’ option.

  • Track your Competitor’s Rankings - This will show you how aggressive they are and how they rank compared to yours. Our tool will throw results for the top 10 competitors for your keywords. The best part? You can also select up to 10 competitors yourself and then draw a comparison of your keywords’ performance against theirs.

  • Get Customized Reports to your Mail - In any marketing effort, it is important to generate the strategies' reports. Our customized report feature can help you take data from the report, analyze it, etc. You can show them to your team and customers if needed for any discussion and strategy formulation.

How to Use Keyword Rank Checker?

Once our tool is set up, here is how you can track the keyword rank. You will have to enter the following details before checking the keyword position.

  • In the box titled Domain, enter the domain. Or subdomain. Here you will have to type in the domain URL. This is the website whose position you want to check.
  • Next, you will have to select the search engine from the drop-down menu available. You can select the search engine, Google, for instance, and the location, say, India. The default one will be Google.com.
  • You have to select for what device you want to do keyword position tracking. Whether on your tab, mobile, or desktop. Choose from one of the icons denoting the devices on the right corner of the screen.
  • This is the most important aspect. You have to enter the keywords for which you are going to check the position. You may enter up to 10 keywords in the dialog box provided. Make sure you type in each keyword in separate lines.

Once you have filled in all details, review it once and then click on the ‘Keyword Ranking’ button. That is all there is to it! In a few seconds, our robust algorithm will return the results.

If the result shows “2”, what it means is that the website that you have entered sits at the second position on Google in the selected country. You can even click on the ‘Get Keywords Insights’ to know more about your keywords’ performance.

Final Words:

SEO involves many activities to improve traffic to your site, thereby improving sales and revenue. One of the main SEO elements involves identifying the right keywords and finding how they rank on search engines. You can monitor how your competitors are performing and use this data to improve your performance. Purchase our tool and fully understand your target audience’s needs and tailor your marketing efforts accordingly. It will do wonders for your business!