Link Shortener

Shorten. Simplify. Beautify. Attract potential customers and visitors with shortened links that reduce the pain of copying large URLs with Link Shortener.

What is Link Shortener?

Link Shortener is literally what it sounds like: a tool that condenses a really long URL (Uniform Resource Locator) into a new, briefer one. It is powerful tool wherein the URL would be made shorter and it would still direct to the original page.

In general terms, our simple yet highly useful Link Shortener is used to create shorter links.

In this tool, a friendly URL is utilized by messaging technologies that limit the number of characters in a text (for example SMS), as it would reduce the amount of typing necessary making it easier for the user if the latter wants to copy the URL or for the intention of a permalink.

Our Link Shortener was made with the core focus to ease the use of links as small links are easy to use and share, making it more appealing to the clients. It is a significant tool for small business runners, sales team management and customer service agents who are on a look out to attract people.

Plus, Link Shortener has major attributes like enhanced security systems that would make the link safe and attractive to the marketers and customers. The eventual development of social media platforms made our Link Shortener a necessity which provides the people and customers shortened links for ease of use.

The most impressive thing about the Link Shortener is the conversion algorithm. It can be implemented in various ways and each has its own pros.

Other uses of our powerful Link Shortener technically include tracking clicks or disguising the underlying address. However, disguising of the underlying address is considerable only in case of legitimate businesses or personal reasons otherwise it is a cyber crime and we always comply by the law.

We have brought the Link Shortener without any cost since, it’s a handy tool that every person in need should have, and thus we don’t want to burn a hole in your wallet to provide for your needs.

There are many ways that one can use Link Shortener to create short links. The most common way of generating short links would be by hashing the original URL with the hash function (say, MD5 or SHA-2).

It's functioning would result in different outputs when different inputs are implemented. If the outcome of the hash is longer than seven characters, we will have to take the first seven characters only. But there might be a collision as the first seven characters could already be in a short link. In that case, we have to use the next seven characters until we find a short link that is not being used.

Seems complicated, right? We understand and therefore we made the link Shortener that automatically shortens links for you without any hassle and complicated steps involved for you to perform.

Features of Link Shortener:

  • To beautify links - Many links are long and full of words for Search Engine Optimisation or SEO reasons. To rank the website on Google, one needs to add all the keywords in the URL itself making it a quandary for the user. They are again too lengthy and are not easy to share on emails or other social media platforms. Link Shortener helps you create short links that look better and are way more efficient and user-friendly. On few communication platforms such as text messages or Twitter posting, it's significant to use short links to leave the room for message as you must already know a tweet could be of a hundred and forty words long.

  • UTM Tracking - It is generally used by social media marketers. Every marketer has their own way of practising methods and improving skills, but one thing that is common amongst all is- they all want to keep the track of how they are doing and optimise the performance of the links they are sharing on social media. Our Link Shortener understands these requirements and provides a range of traceable data. It also provides statistics about the number of clicks and impressions. You can add UTM tracking codes to any link and then shorten it using Link Shortener. Link Shortener, thus, helps companies produce more products and marketers target audience.

  • Promotes Sharing - As you already know by now that Link Shortener shortens the URL, you can easily fit more links or content in less space. With the rise of mobile smartphones, texting and internet- no one would want to waste their time typing long URLs. Thus, short links are effective and can be easily shared on the web or social media platforms and Link Shortener helps in the same.

  • Making money - You can easily make money everytime someone clicks the short link! If you add an advertising layer to our Link Shortener between a shortened URL and destination page, you get paid. You transform leaving visitors into profit. Plus, short links can be used everywhere (for example Facebook pages, twitter, emails etc.).

How to use Link Shortener?

  • Open the Link Shortener tool and activate it. Plugin from the WordPress Plugin Directory.
  • There is a Link Admin Panel in the tool, click on it, then add link
  • On the next screen, add your target URL, link, title, and notes that you wish to shorten
  • Click Create under the box where you just added your target URL.
  • Wait a few seconds, while Link Shortener generates a shortened link for you and that’s it.

Link Shortener is super easy to use and adheres to every cyber law that allows link shortening on several grounds. Within the blink of an eye, you can create your own shortened URL with our Link Shortener which isn’t just quick but also free of cost.

Final words

Short URLs often circumvent the required use of top level domains for indicating the country of origin. However, the redirected URL has no such assurance. It is often abused by spammers or for illicit internet activities. As a result many have been removed from online registries and have been shut down by web hosts.

Therefore, Link Shortener only operates under the law with complete accuracy and doesn’t allow spamming of links.

Link Shortener often comes in handy when you want to beautify links of make it look compelling for marketing purposes. If you looking to shorten URLs the right way, Link Shortener is the tool for you.