QR Code Generator

With this QR Code Generator, you can create a Quality Response Code for all your products, thereby manifold your marketing and sales.


What is QR Code Generator?

In the super-sonic age of internet marketing, all of us have grown impatient. Use a QR code to reach your target customers effortlessly and swell up your business.

There must have been several times that you have come across a square painted checkbox having alternate white and black marks. Don't get confused! You have run yourself into a QR code or a Barcode.

First introduced in 1994, a QR code or Quick Response code is a matrix barcode that was first used in identifying an item of any kind. It is truly like a Unique ID for a particular item in a slot of many.

A QR code is a perfect tool for consumer advertising. Used in retail stores, QR codes have equally made it into the internet arena. With this QR code, you can access a brand's website without even typing the URL.

The basic idea behind creating the QR code is to increase the conversion rate or the chances of exposure to a particular advertisement to the target audience.

In this pacing world of cut-throat competition, it becomes an absolute necessity to have a proper marketing strategy. You can also create a QR code for your own business and scan QR directly, redirecting to the particular product or hyperlink. With this QR Code Generator, you can create a Quality Response code for all your products, thereby manifold your marketing and sales.

Be it any product, with the help of a QR Code Generator, and you can reach out to your targeted customers in a sleek path. Your customer need not make a Google search each time to reach your brand. All they have to do is scan the QR code that comes with your product advertisement, and then they will be directly redirected to your webpage, like how you can easily grab more customers into your pocket.

Features of QR Code Generator:

The best of the features of a QR Code Generator include:

  • Customize the QR code - You can customize your code with options as color/gradient, adding a background image, logo, changing data pattern and eye shape, and much more.

  • Codes that support future editing - The dynamic QR codes can be edited even after their creation.

  • Specifying the exact dimensions - The QR Code Generator allows you to create a QR code of your wish, precisely as per your dimensions.

  • Readability from any direction - The generated QR code is readable from all directions, thereby enhancing its visibility and utility.

  • Exporting vector format of the QR code - If you need a bigger printout of the QR code, then it becomes necessary to export it in a high-resolution vector format that includes- SVG, PDF, PS, or EPS.

  • Supports error correction - The QR Code Generator supports error correction. This basically ensures the regeneration and re-use of less visible or damaged QR codes. The feature ensures much greater longevity to an existing QR code.

How to use the QR Code Generator?

Generating a QR code is really easy. Follow these steps to make one.

  • Select the QR Code Generator - First, select the particular generator that you wish to use.

  • Choose Static or Dynamic QR code - Decide which to create between these a static and dynamic QR code.

  • Type of QR code - Specify the type of QR code you want to generate in the dialogue box.

  • Customizing the QR code - You can customize the QR code as per your product or service theme.

  • Generate and download - Click on the generate button. The generator will automatically brew one. Thereafter download it in any of the JPG, SVG, EPS, or PNG formats.

Final Words:

In light of the above discussion, you must have definitely realized the great utility of a QR code in marketing. This fast-pacing world needs a quick and robust solution to all your problems. No one has that much time to take up the pain and search for the desired product if one catches their eye.

Therefore, it becomes aptly important to reach out to your customer first and publicize your product easily and quickly. This is exactly where QR codes come into play.

The tool QR Code Generator is a one-stop solution for marketing your products. By scanning the QR code available with the product, they can directly reach out to your product, thereby aiding to swell up your business.

With a QR Code Generator's help, you can now easily encode your products with a QR and make it easy to marketize them. Using such tools is extremely easy and demands no prerequisite knowledge of any kind.

So, why wait any longer? Take help from this tool and try your hands out in creating QR codes for your products from today itself. Boost up your marketing skills with this modern technology and grow as a businessman.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Does the QR Code Generator contain languages other than English?

- The QR Code Generator features several languages, including English, Russian, German, French, Hindi, etc. letting you select your own mother tongue for ease of use.

2. What plans are available with the QR Code Generator?

- There are no such plans available. The tool is available for free of cost.

3. Is it safe to use the QR Code Generator?

- There might be cases you end up downloading malware along with the QR Code Generator in case you use a suspicious website. The best solution to this is to avoid downloading and generate QR codes from random websites.

4. Does the QR Code Generator make a unique code every time I use it?

- The QR Code Generator produces a unique code every single time you use it.