Text Compare

Find differences between two files or more with the Text Compare. This online differentiation tool can be operated with just an easy copy and paste.

What is Text Compare?

"The easy, conversational tone of good writing comes only on the eighth rewrite."–says Paul Graham.

Text Compare, an efficient and resourceful medium, allows you to compare two different texts with similar content and point out the differences. In today's world, the integrity and quality of texts are considered to be a necessity. This dire need for quality content creation from necessary information can be fulfilled with this reliable software.

The originality of content has become a quintessential feature for any texts, primarily if published in a public forum. While rewriting a task or assignment, the content can be checked easily for originality before submitting or posting. It assures that the content is unique, distinct, and better than earlier.

You usually write content in a simple language before converting it to professional content. After conversion, comparing the final texts to initial texts provides copious insights and prospects and helps to identify the grey area in our texts. It can be a surprising and quick way to attain professionalism.

This easy to use software provides a platform to compare lengthy texts that also contains numeric data. The result is obtained almost immediately after the two texts are entered or pasted. The difference in the use of words, addition, and removing words is highlighted for the user.

Scanning and comparison of texts are instantly carried out, and the results are quite quick and impressive. This rapid and accurate comparison feature is a real boon for saving valuable time. The process of proofreading and editing is made effortless with the help of a comparison software. This advanced and powerful way to compare text has been created to save time and reduce efforts.

The texts typed or pasted to the Text Compare is wholly safe and secure. The text is available only for the user, and it cannot be plagiarized elsewhere. From assignments to writing books, the authenticity of the content through Text Compare can make us look like Qualified Content Creators, Authors, Proofreaders, or Editors. The dream to produce exciting content is just a few clicks away.

Features of Text Compare

You can find the Text Compare with some mind-boggling features like:

  • Rapid Scanning - Through an incredible feature of scanning, not just one, but both the provided texts in seconds or even less can be scanned. This software is one of the fastest and accurate text comparison methods.

  • Text Highlighting & Matching - After comparison, the differences in the texts are highlighted with colors. The usage of alternate words, punctuation, and spaces between words is also detected and matched between them.

  • Display Both Texts - Always while comparing two things, we would want it to be viewed at proximity to spot similarities and differences. Likewise, this software allows the user to consider both the texts simultaneously in two different text boxes. This display feature makes it very efficient to use.

  • Identifying Duplication - If both the texts contain phrases or sentences that have been copied or duplicated from one another, the software identifies while scanning and display those texts in continuous highlights. It also ensures that the similarity or duplication of content is completely avoided.

  • Safety of Text - Another commendable point is the safety and privacy of the text. The text entered in Text Compare is entirely safe, and it is ensured that the privacy is not compromised. The text is neither shared nor copied to the software. Hence we have the complete authority and security over the content.

  • Texts, Numerics, and Codes - This software scans not only text but also numerics and other regulations. It compares the data between the two and swiftly points out the error present. Codes and Numbers are essential parts in a document, and any difference in them can be easily spotted.

How to Use Text Compare?

Using the Text Compare is a child's play and does not require any training or expertise. This user-friendly software has options displayed very clearly and ensures there are perfect workflow and fluidity in the task.

By just typing or copy-paste, option can be opted for performing a comparison. Advance options for uploading a document is also available. Two text boxes can be seen immediately after you enter the interface.

The following steps can be implemented to make text comparison:

  • In the two text boxes – either paste your content or upload the file.
  • Hit the Compare option available nearby.
  • Please wait until it completes its scanning process, which would be done in a few seconds.
  • After scanning, both the texts are displayed side to side with highlighted differences in words, punctuation, addition, and removal of words, duplicated sentences, etc.
  • The difference is color-coded and can also be saved or e-mailed to our personal computers.
  • The text can also be rectified in the interface, and a re-run of comparison can be done immediately.

This incredible software uses minimal data consumption and fractions of seconds to perform the comparison. There are also options to download the file as a document or pdf as required. The contents in the initial and final text boxes can also be reversed according to the user's preferences.

Final Words

Text Compare is a vital way for both Professional and Amateur Writers. Using it from a beginner's level will prevent duplication and discrepancy in writing. For instance, deadlines are now considered crucial, which may lead to the copying of content directly, which is often a black-mark at any level. To evade this black-mark in our academic and professional life, Text Compare is beneficial.

In today's world, the value of texts in Academics, Business, and life has increased. Documents and Contents are crafted with utmost intricacy. Promoting the use of such a medium is a means to ensure those intricate details and quality.

Speaking of the internet, a multitude of people are involved in online blogging and content creation. When we put up unique content with extreme professionalism, we strive to stand out in the internet race.

Text Compare is available for use whenever we want. It acts like an indispensable comrade that protects your texts and saves your time. So be the wizard of words who transforms content from simple to accurate with just the wave of a wand.