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The Color Wheel
 1. Intro and Terms
 2. The Color Wheel
 3. Color Harmonies & the Color Schemer
 4. Further Information
Think of a color wheel as a map for locating colors. The route you travel between the colors is what you use to create your color scheme.

Some of the most appealing sites follow explicit rules, or paths, in order to find colors that go well together. Below, I have illustrated some of these paths:

Complementary Colors

Split-Complementary Colors

Triad Colors

Analogous Colors

You may think to yourself "these techniques look great, but I don't have a color wheel to choose colors from." That is where the Color Schemer comes in.

The Color Schemer is essentially a dynamic color wheel that adjusts to fit your color perfectly! The next page will show you how to use the Color Schemer to find all of these color relationships.

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